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    Sorry, but it must be. study

    !!!stop for copies from other sides!!! No

    The forum Admins / Moderators are here to help, assist, and guide you. I encourage you to contact them with any questions you have while on the forum.

    1. Play Nice -
    Everybody is entitled (and encouraged) to have their own opinion. It's not required that you agree with everybody. If you disagree then explain why, and try to make it an intelligible debate.

    2. Flaming/Trolling -
    We discourage both. You will most likely be infracted/banned on sight for this behavior.

    3. Useless Threads/Posts -
    Before you make a new thread, or reply to a thread, think to yourself "Does this pertain to the thread, add a contribution, or offer a new opinion?" If your post is only two or three words reconsider posting it. This includes Parody Threads.

    4. Search Function -
    USE IT!!! That is what it's there for. Before you make a new thread you should search the subject to see if there is an existing thread, and give your opinion there.

    5. Plagiarism -
    If you are making a new thread on an artist, and you copy and paste directly from Wikipedia, Lastfm or any other website, it will be deleted. Please express YOUR thoughts and ideas, and summarize any artist info you get from other sources into your own words. If you must "copy/paste" information on a artist or band then declare it, post a link to the original page and/or wrap it in quotes.

    6. Racism, Discrimination, or Intolerance -
    Any one of these will get you banned on sight.

    7. Multiple Accounts/Personalities -
    This is not tolerated here. When we find this (and we will) you risk having one, or all accounts banned.

    8. Arguing with Staff -
    If you're looking to be banned on sight, try this one. None of us are paid, so respect the volunteer effort we make to organize the forum, and keep things peaceful and fun.

    9. Pornography/Inappropriate Pictures-
    This includes (and is not limited to) pictures of violent images, pornographic material or anything that a moderator finds questionable. Keep in mind our site is for all ages, and providing pornographic material for minors is against federal, state, and local laws. If convicted you could have to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life.

    10. Spam -
    This covers a very broad spectrum of posts that includes, but is not limited to: posting the same content multiple times, posting short replies to boost post count, making new threads with useless content, or anything relating to these matters.

    11. Advertising -
    We don't want to hear about your forum/blog/website around the music sections of the forum i.e rock, metal, indie, etc. Mass advertising (making more than one topic or post advertising your forum/blog/website) may result in your IP address being banned. If you are a regular member you may post your forum/blog/website link in the place provided, in your personal profile.

    12. Signatures -
    Pictures are allowed in signatures, but should be limited in size to 300 X 600. No more than two pics are allowed in a signature. The only links allowed in a signature are MF links, and lastfm or other music playlist sites. Any text in your signature should be limited to no more than 4 lines. If you are still confused as to what is allowed in your signature, there is a separate thread that breaks it down. Signature Rules

    13. Appropriate Forum -
    If you can't take the time to make your post/query/downloads, in the appropriate section, why should we bother to read/host you? You waste mods time by doing this, and quite frankly it's easier to just delete them. Make every effort to get it in the right place the first time. If you're not sure where the right place is, contact a moderator.

    14. News Articles -
    Posting articles from credited new sources is fine, but do not make a post like this:

    15.Topic title: Zomg This Happened Today
    Topic content: LINK
    Please copy and paste article information and wrap text quotes around it, you may place the article link at the bottom.

    16. Proxy Servers -
    If you are using one of these it's obvious that you have something to hide, when we find this we will disable your account.

    17. Don´t Post here anything from other Forums, ( the Copy & Past Poster´s)!! The Forum we be deletet than.

    Thanks and have FUN in here.

    !!!stop for copies from other sides!!! No

    !!!the language on this Board is English Italian or Spanish!!! zwerg

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